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Aug 20, 2020 Jan 01, 2022


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The wave of protests challenging police violence against Black people has been so far the most widespread democratic upheaval in the present period of over lapping social crises.
The focus on “defunding the police” illuminates multiple issues about racism and the need for institutional change. The Black Lives Matter movement casts a harsh light on the unequal
burdens that are imposed on the victims of racism by the pandemic, climate change, growing economic in equality, and the militaristic unraveling of liberal democracy.

Radical Philosophy Review (RPR) seeks contributions to an ongoing discussion of the issues facing anti-racist politics in the US. Racism is so pervasive that none of the grave social issues
facing contemporary society can be addressed without identifying it as a constitutive feature of economic, political, and cultural life. What does this imply for anti-racist politics in general
and the response to the public health, environmental, economic, and political crises in particular? For philosophers, these are questions about appropriate concepts and forms of understanding
as well as about the practical roles and responsibilities of intellectuals. Themes we seek to address include contemporary forms of racism, state and political violence, relevant forms of knowledge,
normative commitments, identity formation, redistribution and institutional reform, radical re-imagining of the economic system, effective democratic action, resistance, and the relevance of nonviolence.

We welcome submissions and proposals for articles and book reviews as well as nontraditional forms of discussion such as short essays, conversations, or interviews. We see this as an ongoing
project and encourage discussion formats that underline conflicting options and persisting uncertainties.

We expect to publish a series of articles on these topics in multiple issues so please submit related papers as they are ready; there is not a specific deadline.

Submissions should be sent as e-mail attachments (preferably in Word format) to the editor,

Harry van der Linden, at email

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