CSWIP conference 2021—will not take place—See you in 2022!

We regret that due to ongoing concerns with travel and the Pandemic, we decided to cancel the 2021 conference
in Calgary.

We plan to have an in-person conference in 2022! We will share the details as soon as we have a venue, a date and a theme.

This is an email from a female student in Afghanistan --- Please read
to find out how you can help visit the Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan website

I am afraid US has left us in the worst possible time. I think all Afghan AUCA students have gone to Bishkek [Kyrgyzstan], except I am still in Kabul trying to take my younger sister out of the country. No country is issuing visa, even student visa, for Afghans, even for the girls who are in huge trouble. For me personally, my best hope is to take my sister with myself and go back to Bishkek to continue my studies. The worst is to get stuck in Kabul as the capital is already under siege. I don't know if we could go back to our hometown, Herat which is already over taken by Taliban, safe. We don't have a male guardian in Kabul and once war enters to Kabul city,
millions would die to be displaced. For Afghan women, they only want to continue studying and working. I am not sure if Taliban would allow this, and if they are allowed there would be many restrictions. My friends are all in despair. They are afraid of being forced to marry, or kidnapped. They're also afraid of being locked at home. Some of my friends even have considered suicide if things get worse to them. I personally do not how I would live if I couldn't go back to Bishkek. For men, I see them mostly welcoming Taliban. Few Afghan men were happy with women gaining more freedom in recent years. I am scared, like millions of other Afghans. I would like to ask you please talk to the world. You have audience. We Afghan women do not. Please talk to the world what is happening here. Millions of women's life is in danger. I don't know if Taliban have changed for good but their view of women is still the same. They would never let women enter the society. They would never regard them as humans equal to them. Biden says Afghan should defend for themselves. But Afghan women are not capable of fighting for their rights. US and International community spend a lot of money to empower women. I am afraid all of them failed as now Taliban almost took the whole country. Women were not empowered enough.
The best thing for Afghans especially women is that international community force Taliban to agree to a ceasefire and then make sure the new Afghan government recognizes women's rights and freedom.
Name withheld

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