Call for Papers: Toward Decolonial Feminisms, Penn State, May 11-15, 2018

Sep 30, 2017 Nov 15, 2017

Call for papers
Toward Decolonial Feminisms
A Conference Inspired by the Work of María Lugones
Penn State University
May 11-12, 2018

                                         I invite you to read the text praxically, in the spirit of disruption,
                                         taking up the nonscripted possibilities in the cracks in domination

                                                                        María Lugones Pilgrimages/Peregrinajes  

This conference is an invitation to think with the work of philosopher, activist, and popular educator, María Lugones. Lugones’s work has been instrumental in calling attention to multiple worlds of sense, to the importance of coalitional emancipatory engagements, and to practice-based theorizing. Through her analysis of what she labels “the coloniality of gender” she has underscored the importance of the mutual engagement of feminist and decolonial theorizing in order to understand systems of oppression as complex interactions of economic, racializing, and gendering systems.

Speakers include: Linda Martín Alcoff, Michael Hames Garcia, Kathryn Gines, Sarah Hoagland, María Lugones, Nelson Maldonado Torres, José Medina, Eduardo Mendieta, Mariana Ortega, Pedro di Pietro, Omar Rivera, Shireen Roshanravan, Ofelia Schutte, Alejandro Vallega
We welcome diverse disciplinary and interdisciplinary engagements with the work of María Lugones and are particularly interested in catalyzing dialogues between work in feminist theory and in decolonial theory.

Proposal submission requirements:
*Single-spaced proposal (500-600) words plus a short abstract (75-100 words) in one Word document file.
*A short two page curriculum vitae (CV).
*If you are submitting a panel proposal, include a 350-500 word abstract for the overall panel (in its own file) along with the contact information for each panelist, a single-spaced proposal (500-600) words plus a short abstract (75-100 words) in one Word document file, and a two page CV for each panelist individually.

To submit, please visit our website: CFPPennState

Deadline: November 15, 2017.

Notice of Decision: Mid-January

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