FAB 2016 Call for Papers

Jan 09, 2016 Jul 01, 2016

FAB 2016 Call for Papers

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Please note, Submissions are now due by Friday 15 January 2016.
FAB 2016 theme and sample topics The FAB 2016 World Congress theme is “Feminist perspectives and public health: individuals, communities, and the public good.” Sample topics include:

• Public health: feminist perspectives, definitions, approaches and priorities
• The ethics of public health approaches in particular contexts (e.g., in the Global South, in undemocratic or totalitarian regimes)
• Public health: ethics, the law and social justice
• Feminist thoughts about what moral obligations, if any, are universal
• Health care priority setting within communities
• Health as a public good
• Capability frameworks for thinking about health and disability
• Capabilities: whose freedoms and whose opportunities?
• Feminist bioethics: ghetto or global?

While FAB particularly encourages submissions relating to the main themes and sample topics, submissions on any topic in feminist bioethics, and from any relevant disciplinary perspective, are welcome.

The conference organisers are keen to continue the strong FAB tradition of embracing contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, social sciences, critical cultural studies (e.g., gender and sexuality studies, disability studies, race studies, etc.), law, public health, and others. We also particularly encourage submissions from early career researchers.

Submit to: FAB2016

Categories of submission
Submissions can be made in the following categories:
Papers will be allocated 30-minute slots (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion).

Rapid pitches will be allocated 5 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion. These sessions will be strictly chaired. Rapid pitch sessions are intended to enable more delegates, especially people at earlier stages in their career, to tell people what they are currently working on. They will be held on the first day of the conference to allow as much time as possible for ‘follow up’ networking discussions.

Panel sessions will be either 60 or 90 minutes long (please indicate which you prefer and why). They may consist of a small collection of linked papers and/or other activities (e.g., a debate or a panel question and answer session relating to a relevant theme in feminist bioethics). Opportunities for audience interaction are encouraged.

Submission process
All submissions should be made through the conference website . DEADLINE EXTENDED! Please note, Submissions are now due by Friday 15 January 2016.

• You will be asked to provide the names, email addresses, and affiliations of all authors, and to identify the presenting author(s). Correspondence will be with the submitting author.
• You will be asked to provide a brief descriptive title and up to 6 keywords for your submission, and to indicate what kind(s) of presentation (paper, rapid pitch, panel session) for which you would like it to be considered.
• If your first choice of presentation is a paper and you would like to be considered for a rapid pitch if your abstract is not selected for presentation as a paper, please select ‘paper or rapid pitch’.
• If you are offering a paper as part of a panel presentation, and would like it to be considered in its own right for a paper or rapid pitch presentation if the panel presentation is not selected as a whole, please submit a separate abstract (additional to the one submitted for the panel presentation as a whole) and select ‘paper offered primarily as part of a panel session’ for this submission.
For all kinds of submission, you will be asked to submit an abstract of up to 300 words. The abstract should NOT include the names or affiliations of authors. (FAB 2016 will use an anonymised system of peer review to assess abstracts for inclusion in the conference programme).

The style of your 300-word abstract is up to you. Sub-headings are not required, but you can use them if you think they will help to summarise your proposed presentation or session clearly and concisely.

For papers and rapid pitches, your abstract should be as informative as possible about the content of your proposed presentation.

For panel presentations, your abstract should describe the focus of the session, outline the structure of the session as a whole, and give a clear indication of each component paper or activity. As noted above, if you wish any of the component papers to be considered for presentation in their own right in case the panel session as a whole is not selected, please submit separate additional abstracts for these papers.

The criteria that will be used to assess abstracts are:

• fit with the FAB 2016 theme and relevance to feminist bioethics;
• originality;
• significance;
• rigour; and
• clarity of communication.

Papers accepted for the conference may subsequently be submitted for consideration for publication in The International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB) as long as they conform to the journal’s requirements and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The Donchin and Holmes Emerging Scholar Prize and the Anne Donchin Memorial Session
FAB is also proud to introduce the Donchin and Holmes Emerging Scholar Prize for the best paper accepted for presentation at the biennial FAB World Congress by a graduate student or early career scholar (someone who has graduated within the two years before the World Congress). The award is $500 USD, and includes a certificate and recognition on the programme.

This year, the Programme Committee is seeking submissions that draw specifically on the work and ideas of FAB co-founder, Anne Donchin. The prize will include participation in the Anne Donchin Memorial Session (a plenary session at FAB 2016).

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