Call for Works, Feminist Spaces, 2.1 “Queering Feminism: LBGTQ and Feminist Intersectionality&

Oct 27, 2015 Dec 14, 2015

Feminist Spaces
Call for Works

Feminist Spaces
2.1 "Queering Feminism: LBGTQ and Feminist Intersectionality"

Feminist Spaces invites undergraduate and graduate students to submit academic papers, creative writings, and artistic pieces that adhere to this issue’s theme of feminist LGBTQ+ intersectionality. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling regarding same-sex marriage equality and the media's growing interest in transgender men and women has re-initiated discussions of feminist intersectionality with regard to the LGBTQ+ movement. The feminist movement has been divided into various waves, each advancing a different majority opinion of LGBTQ inclusion or exclusion. Current feminist ideology, while predominately inclusive, necessitates a more uncompromising yet dynamic discussion of ways in which the LGBTQ+ movement and queer studies have affected feminist ethos, activism, and advancement. We especially welcome papers that discuss the experiences of racial minorities within the topic. We also welcome papers that discuss F-to-M inclusivity in feminism.

Submissions might address, but need not be limited to, the following:
Emergent feminist and/or queer theory
Feminist critiques or applications of queer theory
The political arena of sexual orientation
Gender fluidity / gender-fluid feminism
Intersexuality and feminist identity
Lesbian separatism within the feminist movement
Queer femininities and masculinities
Marriage equality as a civil rights victory/a reinstatement of patriarchal heteronormativity
Media coverage of minority women in feminist and LGBT activism
The socio-political and economic implications of trans inclusive/exclusive feminism
Transsexuality & the gender binary
Problematics of the rhetoric of essence and gender embodiment
Gender roles within lesbian/gay households

Please ensure that all written submissions adhere to the guidelines and conventions set forth by the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition. Standard essays must be emailed in .rtf, .doc, or .docx form and should be single-spaced at a 12 pt. font. All artistic submissions must be submitted electronically in universally compatible formats.

The extended deadline for submission is Friday December 11, 2015, with a tentative release date scheduled for early January 2015. Please forward all works and inquires to FeministSpaces

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