International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB) Call for Papers

Sep 09, 2007 May 01, 2008

IJFAB invites submissions on any topic in bioethics. Detailed information for authors is available on the Indiana University Press website. Please direct all inquiries to

Articles should not exceed 8,000 words (roughly 32 manuscript pages). Shorter articles are welcome. In addition to research papers, we invite submissions for our sections “Conversations” and “Commentaries.” “Conversations” provides a forum for a public dialogue on particular issues in bioethics. We encourage scholars engaged in fruitful exchanges to share those discussions here. Submissions for this section should be limited to 3000 words. For “Commentaries” we invite short analyses (under 2000 words) of specific policy issues, legislation, court decisions, or other contemporary developments within bioethics. IJFAB will also include a Book Review section. Book reviews are typically solicited; however, we strongly encourage authors to submit their books to the Book Review Editor for consideration for review. We also invite proposals for review essays that survey several texts in a particular field. Books and inquiries should be directed to Lisa Eckenwiler, Department of Philosophy, Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics, Robinson B 465, 4400 University Drive, MS 3F1, Fairfax, VA., 22030, (703) 993-1290,

The journal also solicits papers addressing the following themes:

All submitted papers should be prepared for anonymous review, with any identifying references deleted. Authors should submit a separate title page, including contact information, as well as a statement that the paper has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers should include an abstract (under 250 words) and 3-5 key words. Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word, as email attachments to

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