CSWIP at the CPA, 2012

Sep 21, 2011 Nov 04, 2011

Call for Proposals: CSWIP at the CPA, 2012

The annual meeting of Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) is scheduled for the Canadian Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. For the past few years, the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (CSWIP) has contributed exciting and intellectually rich panels/symposia to this meeting.

We anticipate another strong showing from our CSWIP members next year in Waterloo (Wilfred Laurier University/University of Waterloo, May 27-30, 2012).

I invite anyone who is interested to get in touch with me soon with your ideas and suggestions for panels. Do let me know if:
• You'd like to coordinate a panel, or if you'd like to participate in one.
• If you have thoughts for a panel topic, a general area of discussion, or recommendations for other panel participants. I can send out information about proposed panels to help you gather participants, etc., and can help with topic formulation and editing.
• Perhaps there are conversations from this year's conference that you'd like to see continue, or conversations regarding future conferences that you'd like to start thinking about now? If so, I’ll be happy to help!

I especially encourage graduate students to get in touch with me if they would like to be involved in a panel.

The deadline for consideration for the guaranteed CSWIP-CPA panel is October 24th , 2011 (12am CMT).

Please send your electronic submissions to me at mudde.

Complete submissions consist of:
• A general title and abstract for the panel.
• A paper abstract for each participant.
• Each participant’s name and contact information.
• Inclusion of a bilingual component (in accordance with CPA practice).

If you are thinking of submitting a panel through regular CPA channels, I can also help to facilitate submissions to the general CPA call for workshops, round tables, and symposia (see CPA for details).

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