IDEA 2011 Conference Call for Papers

Sep 09, 2010 Jun 17, 2011

Call for Papers
for the
Ninth International Conference of the International Development Ethics Association


Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 9-11, 2011

Organized by
Centre on Values and Ethics (COVE) at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, and Center for International Studies (CIS) at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Plenary speaker
Naila Kabeer, Professorial Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex and Senior Research Fellow, Department of International Development, UK

While submissions on any topic in development ethics are welcome, IDEA is particularly interested in submissions that fit the theme of exploring, understanding, and analyzing the role of gender justice in development theory and policy. Many organizations at the local, national, and global levels now understand gender to be a central factor in policies for alleviating poverty or promoting economic growth. The changes wrought by measures such as improving health care for women and children and increasing women’s access to education, property, and work show the key role that women can play in development processes. Moreover, these processes help to remove discrimination on the basis of gender and to alleviate the inequalities and injustices that discriminatory practices and traditions produce.

Scholars and activists in development are increasingly using the concept “gender justice” to replace the terms “gender equality” and “gender mainstreaming”. Many now hold that describing situations using the latter terms fails to address adequately the ongoing gender-based injustices from which women suffer. However, there is no single definition of gender justice and much disagreement among local, national, and international power-holders about what constitutes gender injustice and how to alleviate or eliminate it.

IDEA invites submissions that could include discussions of gender as it relates to any of the following list of topics.
Gender and
• concepts of equality, justice, rights, capabilities
• concepts of agency, empowerment, freedom, autonomy
• concepts of democracy, citizenship, constitutionalism
• concepts of the law, judicial reform, access to justice
• intersections of race, class, ethnicity, other factors of discrimination
• intersections of local/national and global
• economic globalization, global economy, markets, labor
• the family, community, nation, global
• reproductive health, health care, population
• education, religion, culture
• concepts of poverty, measuring inequalities
• the environment, climate change, public health
• feminisms, movements, activism
• post-colonialism, imperialism, transnationalism
• power, knowledge, institutional structures
• care ethics, values and ethics in general
• migration, global in the local
• violence, conflict, war, terrorism
• Human Development Reports, Millennium Development Goals, measurements, standards
• local, national, and global institutions and NGOs

Papers could examine these issues from diverse theoretical and conceptual perspectives including philosophical argument, empirical analysis, examinations of policy, and action strategies. Papers could consider how and to what degree the concrete experiences of women in specific contexts can and should inform theory, practice, and activism at local and global levels. The conference will engage scholars and practitioners from around the world and from a wide variety of disciplines and activities (including philosophy and other humanities, social sciences, policy studies, development, social work, NGOs, local and global agencies and organizations, government officials and policy makers). IDEA particularly welcomes submissions from scholars and practitioners in South countries.

Submission of Abstracts.
Proposals should be submitted by email to Christine Koggel and should include:
1. An abstract of 500 words
2. Name, affiliation, and contact information on a separate page
3. A biography of under 100 words (for the conference program)

The conference will be conducted primarily in English. There may be some presentations in Spanish, depending on the availability of volunteers to give informal translations. Proposals for presentations in Spanish should be sent to Daniela Gallegos.

Important dates:
December 17, 2010: deadline for proposals
February 18, 2011: notification of acceptance
May 1, 2011: deadline for submission of complete papers

Program Co-Chairs:
Jay Drydyk, President of IDEA and Director of COVE
Christine Koggel, Co-Director of CIS and Board Member of IDEA

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