Taking Care of Business: Care Ethics and Business Ethics

Apr 05, 2009 May 15, 2009

Taking Care of Business: Care Ethics and Business Ethics

Although some people consider “business ethics” oxymoronic, the application of care ethics to business appears to many as even more-fetched. Care ethics is an approach to morality first developed in
the 1980’s out of feminist theory. It is motivated by dissatisfaction with traditional ethical approaches that centered on principles or consequences. Care ethics focuses on relationships, valuing
affective, concrete, and contextual aspects of moral situations rather than abstract formulas of morality. Care ethics has received significant attention as a personal morality but less so as a social
morality and virtually no consideration as contributing to a viable business ethic. Is caring in business possible, warranted, or even desirable in a marketplace that is so characterized by rational self- interest? The current economic climate makes a discussion of the role of care even more urgent as pressure is placed on business relationships. Care Ethics and Business Ethics explores the role and
potential for care in business and economics through a collection of original articles by leading feminist and business theorists.

Articles in this collection may address, but are not limited to, theoretical implications of care ethics and business ethics, historical and contemporary examples or case studies of care in business, policies and practices that can foster caring business behavior, and/or critical examinations of the efficacy of care ethics for business. Any aspect of business maybe explored for the possible implications of care ethics.

The editors of this volume seek original submissions on the intersection of care ethics and business ethics from those working out of any disciplinary framework. Topics may include (but do not have to be limited to):
• Theoretical examinations of care ethics as compared to traditional approaches to business ethics
• Care theory and economic theory
• Care and its impact on management styles
• Care and its influence on corporate organizational structures
• Government intervention in the marketplace including bailouts
• The role of care in international business relations
• Implications for wage differentials
• Care and corporate layoffs
• Care ethics and stakeholder theory
• Care and market forces
• Care ethics and the customer
• Care as corporate practice and/or policy
• Work/life balance
• The business of caring and corporate provisions of care • Care and international business
The editors of Care Ethics and Business Ethics are Maureen Sander-Staudt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies at Arizona State University and Maurice Hamington, MBA, PhD.,
Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Director of the Institute for Women’s Studies and Services at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

The editors envision an anthology that is experiential and theoretical, combining concrete case studies with thematic analysis.
Submissions from all fields are invited. For inquiries please contact Maureen Sander-Staudt or Maurice Hamington.
The editors request that 500-word abstracts be sent electronically by May 1, 2009 to Maurice Hamington
Decisions based on the abstracts will be made shortly thereafter and accepted papers will be due by February 1, 2010.

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