C-SWIP at the CPA (Carleton University, Ottawa, May 2009)

Oct 21, 2008 Dec 05, 2008

C-SWIP at the CPA (Carleton University, Ottawa, May 2009)

I invite all members of C-SWIP to submit topic and ideas for panels to be held at the upcoming CPA meeting. These can be specific panel proposals, or suggestions for general areas, conversations or questions of interest, drawn from all areas of philosophy relevant to the goals and ideals of C-SWIP. Let me know if you are interested in participating in a panel, or have suggestions for other people you would like to see present as well. I'm also happy to entertain proposals for C-SWIP author-meets-critic book panels.

Send your suggestions to Alice MacLachlan. I'm happy to publicize calls for participants or to coordinate among possible panelists. Keep in mind, the deadline is November 30. Also, the CPA requires a bilingual element to each proposed panel (although their interpretation of this is flexible), so I'd love to hear from francophone or bilingual potential panelists. I especially encourage graduate students to get in touch.

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