Post-Doc, Senior Research Fellowship, Oxford University

Oct 21, 2020 Nov 12, 2020

The Global Priorities Institute (GPI) at the University of Oxford - part of the Faculty of Philosophy - is currently advertising four-year postdoc positions
(Postdoctoral and Senior Research Fellowships in Philosophy).

The central focus of GPI is what we call ‘global priorities research’, which centres on the question “What should we do with a given unit of resources if our aim is to do the most good?”
We are particularly interested in hiring specialists in moral philosophy and/or decision theory. More information and example research questions can be found in GPI’s research agenda.

For current graduate students, postdocs at GPI are a great way to launch an academic career. Team-based and individual research on global priorities topics is combined with
substantial freedom to pursue one’s own unrelated projects (e.g. working on publications related to a recent PhD dissertation), there is plenty of funding for infrastructure and travel,
and the Institute takes support for career development very seriously. GPI is as yet too young to have an established placement record, but we confidently expect GPI postdocs to go
on to tenure-track positions in the very best research universities.

More generally, GPI is a vibrant and supportive research environment, with plenty of opportunities for informal discussion as well as multiple structured research events each week.

Applications close on 11 November (midday UK time), and more details on the posts can be found at the Postdoctoral and Senior Research Fellow position pages on the GPI website.

We particularly encourage applications from women, black and ethnic minority candidates, as these groups are underrepresented in philosophy.

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