McMaster University, Visiting Professorship in Russell and the History of Early Analytic

Feb 06, 2014 May 02, 2014

The Department of Philosophy at McMaster University invites applications for a Visiting Professorship in Russell and the History of Early Analytic Philosophy. McMaster University, which houses the Bertrand Russell Archives and the Bertrand Russell Research Centre, is one of the leading centres for research on Russell's philosophy.

The Visiting Professorships, one of which will be available each year, are intended for established scholars whose research would be benefited by access to the Bertrand Russell Archives for an extended period. They are tenable for either one or two semesters, and involve the obligation to present at least one paper in the Philosophy Department's Speakers Series and teach one fourth year undergraduate course also open to graduates, preferably on the history of analytic philosophy (although a different topic may be agreed upon with the Chair of the Department of Philosophy), while undertaking research in the Russell Archives. The stipend for teaching the course is up to $15,749.00, depending on rank, in accordance with the standard schedule for overload teaching for 2014/2015.

It is expected that successful applicants will be on research leave from their home university during the term of their Visiting Professorship and thus can rely on their regular leave salary for their main financial support. The closing date for applications for 2014-15 is April 30, 2014. Applicants should send a copy of their CV together with a description of the research they propose to conduct at the Russell Archives to the Chair Chair, Department of Philosophy, University Hall 310, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4K1, Canada.

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