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Jan 28, 2022 Feb 12, 2022

Fisk university seeks an experience sociologist to fill a tenure- track Assistant Professor of Philosophy position.
The successful candidate will also serve as chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences upon appointment under the auspices of the Dean of the School of Humanities
and Behavioral Social Sciences. The discipline of Philosophy has strengths in subfields of logic, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology and the history of philosophy., however,
areas of specialization are open to any area of philosophy for this appointment. The candidate must be willing to teach modern philosophical theory, research methods and statistics.

The Assistant Professor of Philosophy will be an established scholar who can continue to build on the record for scholarly and instructional excellence that the discipline and department
has established over the years. The qualifications of the candidate should be consistent with a tenure track Associate Professor with a Ph.D. in sociology. We seek a scholar and administrative
leader committed to supporting innovative research and scholarship, engaged learning and community outreach and service.

The selected candidate will be expected to begin the next available semester in this position at Fisk University.

• Teach a full load (12 hours per semester) in Philosophy
• Engage in Community Service projects
• Engage in Scholarly Research
• Attend and present at Professional Conferences in areas of expertise
• Assist with recruiting students into philosophy and sociology programs
• Serving as the chief academic advisor for philosophy majors and joint majors
• Conducting Junior and Senior audits for philosophy students.
• Providing the exit exams ETS Major Field Test (MFT) in Philosophy/Sociology
• Supervising curriculum changes in philosophy and other disciplines within the Department of Behavioral Sciences.
• Responsible for leading program reviews and accreditation and ensuring that all required reports, assessment data and meetings are monitored for accuracy and timely
submittal to leadership upon request.
• Overseeing and monitoring the accuracy and currency of program content placed on the departmental section of the University's website and Smart Catalog.
• Responsible for developing and implementing initiatives that support the University's student engagement and retention plans to recruit, retain, and increase the graduation rate of students at Fisk.
• Providing leadership and direction to the discipline coordinators in the Department of Behavioral Sciences.
• Reporting annual faculty evaluations to the Dean
• Some online teaching experiences recommended.
• Overseeing all program collaborative initiatives.
• Ensuring that the program faculty course rosters, syllabi, and course assessment data are timely submitted to the Dean.
• Preparing the annual Institutional Effectiveness Reports for Philosophy programs
• Making sure discipline coordinators prepare their IER.
• Monthly meetings with members of the Behavioral Sciences Department and minutes emailed to the Dean, SHBSS.

Additional Responsibilities include.

• Gathering data and preparing detailed documents/reports.
• Representing the departments and the University.
• Serving on or chairing committees as appropriate; and
• Performing other duties as assigned by the Dean of the School of Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences.



Applicants must demonstrate leadership skills by carrying out curricular development, excellence in teaching and scholarly activity and growth in funded research.

. Other qualifications required include:
• An earned doctorate (Ph. D) from an accredited university or college in Philosophy
• A minimum of five years of teaching experience in a higher educational environment.
• Leadership experience working with other departments, units & etc. in higher education.
• Good communication skills and the ability to work with diverse population groups.
Applicant must submit to HR the following:
• Current CV
• Letter of Interest
Additional Requirement: A background and credit check will be required of the successful applicant. All official transcripts and names, addresses, email addresses
and phone numbers of three (3) references will be required of the successful applicant.

Note from the person who posted this ad on FEAST:

Hey y'all - just wanted to post that Fisk University is hiring. Applications should be submitted in the next two weeks (2/11/22).
I didn't write the job ad and there are typos regarding seeking someone who is a sociologist/philosopher as well as teaching statistical methods.

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