Global Priorities Fellowships for graduate students and early career postdocs

Dec 05, 2021 Jan 15, 2022

Early Career Conference Programme and Global Priorities Fellowship
University of Oxford
Both the Global Priorities Fellowship (run by the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research) and the Early Career Conference Programme (run by the Global Priorities Institute)
were set up to create a community of early-career researchers interested in global priorities research, facilitate connections and research exchange between participants, and provide help
to participants in their career development and to get into global priorities research. There is a joint application process and all participants of the Early Career Conference Programmes
will automatically receive a Global Priorities Fellowship (unless they opt out voluntarily). For further information about these opportunities and how to apply please visit our website.

The deadline for applications is 14 January 2022. Applications are particularly welcome from women, black and ethnic minority candidates, as these groups are underrepresented in philosophy and economics.
The Early Career Conference Programme (ECCP) is a residential programme in the summer of 2022 (6 June - 1 July) for philosophy and economics PhD students at the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University.

Each participant will select and focus on a particular research project, of central importance to the question of how to do good effectively - what we call global priorities research.

The Global Priorities Fellowship aims to support promising graduate students and early career postdocs (primarily in economics and philosophy) in contributing to global priorities research,
with a particular focus on issues that are of relevance to improving the wellbeing of future generations over the very long term. Fellows will receive a stipend of GBP 5,000 (unless they are already postdocs)
and are encouraged to attend the yearly fellows’ event in Oxford, United Kingdom (or remotely, depending on the pandemic situation).
The stipend is for one year in the first instance, but is open to renewal for a second year.

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