CFP-36th Annual International Social Philosophy Conference

Jan 07, 2019 Feb 16, 2019

Proposals in all areas of social philosophy are welcome, but special attention will be devoted to the theme:
Home: Sanctuary, Shelter, and Justice
Some possible paper topics include:
· Membership in families
· Membership in communities
· Group identity
· Transnational identities
· Identity, immigration, and assimilation
· Caregiving and care receiving
· Care and Justice: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities
· Collective activity and/or collective care
· The ethics of social practices
· The status of community and home in an age of political division
· Citizenship and civic obligation
· Proper citizenship
· Neoliberalism and social responsibility
· The effects of health and well-being on security
· Public institutions security
· Philosophical perspectives on sanctuary, shelter, and/or justice
· Philosophical perspectives on discrimination
· Sanctuary and “homeplacing”
· Sanctuary, shelter, and living “in-between” worlds
· Sanctuary, shelter, and justice as related to gender
· Philosophical perspectives on welcoming and openness
· Philosophical perspectives: What it means to be at home and/or homeless
· Homeless in the academy: Conservative political philosophy
· Future society and/or technology in reference to the meaning of home
· Feeling at home/homeless in reference to gender
· Religious belief and the feeling of home/homeless
· Religious belief and security, justice, and/or shelter
· The connection between food, water, and security
· Recreation, play, and social concerns
· Leisure and the common good
· Classical philosophical perspectives on the meaning of community
· Educating for social justice and/or citizenship
· Educational rights in reference to immigrants and the homeless
· Educational levels and feeling at home within society

We welcome submissions from both members and non-members, but we require that all presenters join the North American Society for Social Philosophy
if their papers are accepted and if they present at the conference.

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2019.

Please submit a 300 word abstract at

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