CFP: CSWIP at the CPA 2016

Oct 04, 2015 Nov 27, 2015

Call for Panel Proposals: CSWIP at the CPA 2016
The annual meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) is scheduled as part of the Canadian Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Calgary (May 29-June 1, 2015). The Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (CSWIP) has a tradition of contributing exciting and intellectually rich panels/symposia to this meeting.

The CSWIP Executive warmly invites proposals for symposia or panels, to be submitted by November 5th, 2015 (11:59 p.m. PST).

Please send your electronic submissions to Cathy Maloney at Maloney.

A complete submission will consist of:
• A general title and short abstract for the overall panel.
• A short abstract for each participant’s contribution.
• Each participant’s name and contact information.
• Inclusion of a bilingual component (it is strongly encouraged that a bilingual component be included in the panel; this can be in the form of a paper(s), comments, or simply someone who can answer questions in either language).

I invite anyone who is interested to get in touch with me soon with your ideas and suggestions for panels. Do let me know if:
• You'd like to coordinate a panel, or if you'd like to participate in one.
• You have thoughts for a panel topic, a general area of discussion, or recommendations for other panel participants.
I can assist by sending out information about proposed panels to help you gather participants.

I would like especially to invite graduate students to get in touch with me ahead of time, if they would like to be involved in a panel and need assistance finding other co-panelists.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Cathy Maloney CSWIP at the CPA Co-ordinator

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