Human Development and Capabilities Association Conference, Jakarta, Sept. 2012

Apr 03, 2012 Sep 14, 2012

2012 HDCA Conference Revisiting Development: Do We Assess It Correctly?, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia From: September 5 to September 7, 2012

It is increasingly recognized that economic growth is valuable not as an end in itself but as an instrument for achieving development, with its inherent multidimensionality. Although this is to be applauded, it also highlights the difficulty of capturing development in simple measures. Conventional measures of a nation's progress, used by economists, often ignore important aspects of a society such as institutions, political freedom, empowerment, inequality, security, sense of community, mental well-being, and environmental conditions. The 2012 HDCA conference theme is an invitation to scholars and practitioners to consider the larger, multi-dimensional notion of well-being and to engage with one another on the important issue of development measures.

The goals of the 2012 HDCA Conference are:
1. To build an international network between local and foreign researchers.
2. To educate the public, by holding a public lecture.
3. To enable high-quality research to influence policy-making at the central and local government levels.
Papers for the 2012 conference theme ‘Revisiting Development: Do We Assess It Correctly?’ may explore, amongst others, the following topics:

Externalities and "green" economy; How to assess inclusion; Local economic development; Multidimensional vulnerability; Assessing the effectiveness of different welfare program interventions; Democracy and human development; "What is poor?" Re-assessing the lives and needs of the poor.

In addition to papers on the 2012 conference theme, there will be papers on
philosophical and ethical foundations; ethics and development; issues in operationalizing the capability approach; capability measurement and empirical analysis; human rights; sustainability; participation and public deliberation; civil society; health and disability; education; economics and human development; formal and informal institutions & practices; poverty and inequality; gender; values, religion, culture and freedom; inclusion & exclusion/discrimination; justice. More information at: HDCA

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