2008 CSWIP conference publication

Sep 09, 2010 Dec 31, 2012

A special issue of Informal Logic: Reasoning and Argumentation in Theory and Practice titled “Reasoning for Change” grew out of the 2008 CSWIP conference, “Reason, Activism & Change: Philosophical Considerations,” and was edited by Phyllis Rooney and Catherine Hundleby. This journal is now open access and available online at informal logic.
The Table of Contents is given below.

The editors hope that this special issue will contribute to the ongoing development of (in Lorraine Code’s words) a “rhetorical space” between work in informal logic -- an established strength of Canadian philosophy -- and feminist philosophy.

Among the topics examined in this special issue are: adversarial argumentation (including in philosophy), gendered argumentation contexts, argumentative injustice (as a specific type of epistemic injustice), limitations of the fallacies approach to argument evaluation, and the implications for rhetorical argumentation of (feminist) epistemologies of situated knowledges.

Informal Logic, Vol 30, No 3 (2010):
Special Issue: Reasoning for Change

Table of Contents
Introduction: Reasoning for Change
-Phyllis Rooney, Catherine E. Hundleby

Philosophy, Adversarial Argumentation, and Embattled Reason
-Phyllis Rooney

Verbal Sparring and Apologetic Points: Politeness in Gendered Argumentation Contexts
-Sylvia Burrow

Argumentative Injustice
-Patrick Bondy

The Authority of the Fallacies Approach to Argument Evaluation
-Catherine E. Hundleby

Feminist Epistemologies of Situated Knowledges: Implications for Rhetorical Argumentation
-James C. Lang

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