2008 CSWIP Conference Publication

Apr 18, 2010 Dec 31, 2013

The special issue of Studies in Social Justice on "Just Reason" is now on-line, and open access at Just Reason. This volume emerged out of the 2008 CSWIP conference at the University of Windsor, "Reason, Activism & Change: Philosophical Considerations" and is edited by Catherine E. Hundleby (University of Windsor, Canada) and Phyllis Rooney (Oakland University, USA)

Feminist and liberatory epistemologists argue that understandings of reason and knowledge need to engage more constructively with the ethical and social specificities that frame scientific and other knowledge projects, including social and political knowledge projects that explicitly seek to advance social justice. In particular, such understandings draw attention to the fact that the ways in which theorists conceptualize, think, or reason about social and political issues have regularly given voice to specific perspectives over others, thus limiting opportunities for insight and resolution. All of the papers and the book review in this volume advance “just reason” in this way: they give reason and voice to concepts, views, or perspectives that have usually not been included in standard debates about particular social and political issues. These issues include identity politics in multicultural societies (Mason), discourses about war and violence (Stone-Mediatore), debates about same-sex marriage (Jaarsma), the role of consciousness-raising in meaningful social change (Fischer), and the recognition of indigenous knowledges and epistemes in the academic institutions of the global North (Lange on Kuokkanen).


Just Reason (1-6) Catherine E Hundleby, Phyllis Rooney


Reorienting Deliberation: Identity Politics in Multicultural Societies (7-23) Rebecca Mason

Epistemologies of Discomfort: What Military-Family Anti-War Activists Can Teach Us About Knoweldge of Violence (25-45) Shari Stone-Mediatore

Rethinking the Secular in Feminist Marriage Debates (47-66) Ada S. Jaarsma

Consciousness and Conscience: Feminism, Pragmatism, and the Potential for Radical Change (67-85) Clara Fischer

Review of Reshaping the University: Responsibility, Indigenous Epistemes, and the Logic of the Gift (87-91) Lynda Lange

Book Reviews

Review of Child Soldiers: From Violence to Protection (93-95) David Rosen

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