Political Ecology and Environmental Philosophy: Toward Ecological and Social Sustainability

Jan 23, 2010 Apr 16, 2010

Political Ecology and Environmental Philosophy: Toward Ecological and Social Sustainability

April 9-10, 2010, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote speakers:
Holmes Rolston, III
Emeritus University Distinguished Professor,
Colorado State University

Karen Warren
Emeritus Professor, Macalester College

Author-meets-readers Panels, featuring:
Bryan G. Norton
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Public Policy Distinguished Professor

Joel Kovel
Formerly of Bard College and editor of the journal Capitalism Nature Socialism

THEME: Everyone is in favor of “sustainability,” but what does it mean? What is sustainability? What is the history of the concept? What is it that we are trying to sustain? What is the "unit" of sustainability? For whom are we trying to sustain ecologies and communities? What are our obligations for sustaining ecological communities and social resources for future generations? How can this be accomplished for different nations and communities across the globe? What are the best means to achieving ecological and social sustainability? How might global and local institutions help or hinder the prospects of sustainability? Does the tradition of "sustainable development" help or hinder them? What are the implications of projects of sustainability for environmental justice? How can environmental humanities or philosophy help the environmental sciences to clarify and make the concept of sustainability more meaningful? What can we make of sustainability as a concept, principle, and value for environmental philosophy and ecological politics?

Conference activities will be organized to minimize environmental impacts. Panels will be held in the LEED certified Diamond Building. Local and organic products will be supplied by our catering services whenever possible. A portion of the conference budget will be directed to offset the carbon-footprint of the conference.

Sponsored by the Goldfarb Center for Civic Engagement at Colby College, and the Colby College Philosophy Department.

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