20th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference, June 11-14, McMaster University

May 30, 2009 Jun 19, 2009

20th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference

Featuring Feminist Perspectives Sunday:
Rosemary Tong:
Distinguished Professor of Healthcare Ethics, and Director of the Centre for Applied and Professional Ethics, UNC Charlotte
Title: Feminist Approaches to Bioethics in a Global Context: Whose Evidence Counts

Susan Sherwin:
Professor of Philosophy, with cross appointments in Nursing, Medicine and Women’s Studies, Dalhousie University

FAB Panel on Evidence Based Medicine Robyn Bluhm, 'Incorporating patient values' and relational theories of autonomy
Kirstin Borgerson, Feminist epistemology and the ethics of uncertainty in medicine
Maya Goldenberg, An ethics of evidence: feminist considerations
Rebecca Kukla, No evidence-based medicine without evidence: the paradox of pregnancy exceptionalism

Also attend an evening of networking & Latin dance at the RBG June 12.

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