FEMMSS on-line events summer 2022, Call for proposals

Feb 11, 2022 Mar 22, 2022

FEMMSS Summer 2022 Online Events!
Call for proposals
The Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Sciences Studies (FEMMSS) is inviting proposals for a series of online
events that will take place during the summer of 2022. The goal is to put together a fun, lively series of events in which FEMMSSters can reconnect with
each other and welcome new folks into the FEMMSS community.
FEMMSS will host one event in each of June, July and August, 2022
Deadline for submitting proposals: March 21, 2022
Presenters will be informed by April 21, 2022

Who can submit proposals?
Current, new, or potential FEMMSSters. A FEMMSSter is someone who has attended a FEMMSS event or whose interests align with the FEMMSS mission.
What does an event look like?
Events can address any topic of interest to a FEMMSS audience (you can check out the FEMMSS mission statement to get an idea of the range of topics
FEMMSS embraces) and take any of a number of different forms (talks, panels, workshops, guided discussions, or some other form).
Events should be 2 to 3 hours.
As a default, these events will be scheduled for a Friday afternoon (Eastern time), although timing is flexible according to the location of the presenters.
FEMMSS folks span the globe.
Presenters will be asked to follow good accessibility practices and authors of accepted proposals will consult with FEMMSS organizers regarding accessibility.
How do I submit a proposal?
Proposals will include:
1) a 250-500 word description of
● the goal and content of the event, and
● the format of the event.
2) a maximum 250 word statement about how the proposed event will contribute to the diversity of FEMMSS.
This includes diversity of topics explored, diversity of disciplines, and diversity of identities of those involved in FEMMSS conversations.
3) a brief (100 words/person) biography of the event organizers
The committee particularly welcomes proposals from members of underrepresented groups or on topics that represent the interests and perspectives of underrepresented groups.

Our goals for these events include:
● providing content and activities that align with the FEMMSS mission and are of interest to FEMMSSters
● providing a platform for members of the FEMMSS community, particularly members of underrepresented groups (understood to include diversity of social identity
(e.g., ability status, gender identity, sexuality, nationality, racial identity, etc.)
● fostering a diverse and supportive community and providing opportunities for participants to cross boundaries among disciplines and between the academy and the public
Proposals will be considered with these goals in mind.
If you have any questions please email email
link to submit:

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